DIY Stained Concrete :: Buy Concrete Stain Locally and Save Money

You can save $200-$400 on materials alone (and a lot of stress) if you follow my guide on buying concrete stains locally.

Stains & Sealers are the most expensive part of a DIY Stained Concrete project. I can save you money because I can tell you where to look to find products locally so you can avoid paying for shipping. Most importantly, you should be able to return what you dont use. This one tip will save you more than the cost of this manual.

For example, if you have an 800ft. project that you want to stain, you would need to have about 4 bottles of stain plus 4 gallons of sealer. The problem is that you always need to have more on hand than you need for the project… so in this case you would need to buy couple extra gallons of stain and sealer, costing you around $250 plus another $100 in shipping charges. If you order material online, you are likely stuck with what you don’t use. If you follow my guide and buy products locally, you will most likely be able to return any excess materials, saving you more than $350!

The alternative is that you could order exactly what you need… and if you happen to run a few quarts short of your material, you will have to order more stain & sealer and wait a week until the material arrives. This entire process will cost you >$200 in shipping alone. This shipping cost, plus the negative/irreparable effects of having to stop staining your project while you wait for material will ultimately end in an expensive mess.

The best thing about buying my online stained concrete manual is that you can get unlimited technical support for your stained concrete project. I will be here to help you along the way. Once you subscribe, just email me any time with questions & photos, and I will help to guide you through the project.

It’s true, anyone can stain concrete…

...and with our help your DIY project will look like a professional installation.


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