Common Mistakes :: Using a semi-transparent paint instead of a penetrating stain

A few manufacturers make a paint product that is commonly mistaken for concrete stain. This product is actually a semi-transparent water based concrete sealer. It produces a nice look, but the problem with using this product is that it has a very short life span because the color is laying on the surface in the sealer. Im not sure if it is willful neglect, or customer misunderstanding, but these products are labeled as “concrete stains” when all they really are is paint. The problem with paint is that it eventually peels off.

I have a decorative concrete installation business, and I have been hired many times to remove a failing DIY stained concrete project. Here are a few photos:

It’s hard to tell the difference between these paint products and true concrete stains. Our guide will teach you how to use a penetrating concrete stain that requires a sealer on top. This way, once the sealer starts showing signs of wear, you can wax it, or reseal it to bring it back to life. Often it is too late to remedy a surface once a pigmented semi-transparent sealer starts to fail.

It’s true, anyone can stain concrete…

...and with our help your DIY project will look like a professional installation.


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