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How much does it cost to stain concrete?

I just did an estimate for a customer who wanted my concrete company to stain their concrete patio. The problem was that the patio was only 320 square feet. I knew when I calculating the cost of staining their concrete that the price was going to be too high. I even apologized as I sent […]

Protected: Preparing Concrete for Stain

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

DIY Stained Concrete Ideas

Here are a few photos of some DIY Stained Concrete projects. Hopefully they will give you some design ideas if you are planning on staining your own concrete. Stained Concrete Ideas, DIY Stained Concrete, Stained Concrete Porch Ideas, Stained Concrete Patio Ideas, Stained Concrete Basement Ideas.

Common Mistakes :: Using a semi-transparent paint instead of a penetrating stain

A few manufacturers make a paint product that is commonly mistaken for concrete stain. This product is actually a semi-transparent water based concrete sealer. It produces a nice look, but the problem with using this product is that it has a very short life span because the color is laying on the surface in the […]

DIY Stained Concrete :: Buy Concrete Stain Locally and Save Money

You can save $200-$400 on materials alone (and a lot of stress) if you follow my guide on buying concrete stains locally. Stains & Sealers are the most expensive part of a DIY Stained Concrete project. I can save you money because I can tell you where to look to find products locally so you […]

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