Common Mistakes: Don't Paint Your Concrete!

A few manufacturers make a paint product that is commonly mistaken for concrete stain. This product is actually a semi-transparent water based concrete sealer. It produces a nice look, but the problem with using this product is that it has a very short life span because the color is laying on the surface in the sealer.

Our guide will teach you how to use a penetrating concrete stain that requires a sealer on top. This way, once the sealer starts showing signs of wear, you can wax it, or reseal it to bring it back to life. Often it is too late to remedy a surface once a pigmented semi-transparent sealer starts to fail.

Look at some recent reviews of these paint products:

“I am having some chiping from my dogs simply walking on the floor. I used the product on brand new concrete floor and having chipping issues from their paws. I have read the previous post just want to know???????????”

“I wish I had seen this review about 2 weeks ago! I used the same products and also followed exact directions only to have it already peeling. Very frustrating after all the effort and money already put into it. The floor overall looks awesome but if it isn’t gna last it so wasn’t worth the time.”

“I purchased … semi-transparent concrete stain kit and followed the instructions to the letter. It has been right at 6 weeks and it is already starting to chip. What can I do to touch up the chipped areas? Then what should I do to prevent it from getting worse? I am very disappointed in the quality of this product. It looks beautiful but I feel that I wasted a lot of time and effort not to mention the money.”

We can tell you what products to use, and where to buy them locally. Don’t make this all too common mistake or your project may eventually look like this…


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